الجمعة، 28 أكتوبر 2011

Repurposing old candles and tins :)

I love tins lol something makes me want to collect all tins I see specially old ones. my husband had a perfume which comes in a tin as a package ...
what you need:

*old candles
*candle wick
* double boiler
*old sauce pan
*old tin or even glass jars
*spray paint "optional"

I couldn't decide which color I am going to choose but finally red won :)

I spray painted it and let it dry

I gave it 2 coats separated by 15 minutes

I made two holes in each side to tuck a skewer ,
the skewer works as a support for the candle wick  
I used the glue gun to fix the wick in the center so it doesn't move,
but it really didn't work :( cause when I poured the melted candles, the glue melted too
 I used double boiler to melt the old candles "I had 2 big red candles"
This is the first time I try melting candles , I wanted to do this long time ago
but I was very intimidated by the fact that wax is flammable.
I found out that it is super easy and fun to do :)

Here is the final product 
you could use it as a gift 
or keep it to warm and light a romantic night ;)

I hope you liked the idea .....see you :)

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